Hire-Expert is simply the best company I have been dealing with for the last two years when it comes to my Social Network. It’s true that there are a lot of different plugins out there, but I realized that I have to minimize the amount of people involved with the growth of my website so when I decided to buy plugins and widgets from the same Company, Hire-Experts was the perfect candidate !

Not only these highly professional programmers deliver top quality products, but they have one of the best customer support, period. I have been able to build a long term relationship with many members of their staff who have helped me on constant basis, and often fixed issues caused by third-party plugins interfering with theirs.

I would have never reach the level of quality for my social Engine website without the highly trained team of Hire-Experts. And I recommend anybody who wants to start a solid Social Network to establish a base with their products, no doubts !
Thank you so much guys !
Orbbeatz, The Other Network
I'm really pleased to cooperate with Hire-Experts. We are working together since 2011. Throughout all this time support services never been delaying and quality of support and production is simply brilliant. With help of these guys, I'm really confident that my project is in safe hands. They even are helping with issues are not relating to them. Just because they really care of their customers. Well done Hire-Experts, you are simply the best choice on third party plugins.

Most reasonable deed for those who would like to initiate own social network project is apply directly them, just right from the beginning of launching of community or even prior to, these guys are always open for questions and what I do like most about excellent Help-desk of Hire-Experts is that they can provide a consultations and guide in any kind of issues.
Thank you guys, excellent work.
Floro Tassone
Owner, SocialFishNetwork.com
Soy Juan A. Hurtado Fundador y director general de la red social para Rumberos y portal web: www.rumbeasinparar.com
Por medio de la presente carta me complace recomendar ampliamente los Servicios de “Hire-experts”, y puedo dar fe de sus cualidades laborales, demostrando ser una empresa responsable, capaz, competitiva, con iniciativa, y muy eficiente en todos los trabajos que realiza.
Conozco sus servicios y “plugins” los cuales he usado desde que comencé mi red social www.rumbeasinparar.com
Con el tiempo han demostrado ser de mucho valor y también un gran activo en el éxito de mi portal web, me enorgullece decir que tengo casi todos sus “plugins” y que los uso en mi red social.
Durante el tiempo que los conozco y que hemos trabajado juntos me han ayudado innumerables veces, sacándome de grandes aprietos y dificultades en las que me he encontrado (más de lo que me gustaría admitir hehe) y me han demostrado vez tras vez ser una compañía confiable, responsable y eficiente en todas las tareas hacen.
Por lo anterior no tengo inconveniente ninguno en recomendarlos ampliamente y creo que son una ayuda muy valiosa para cualquier empresa, no solo por la amplia gama de “plugins” que ofrecen sino también por la excelente atención al cliente que dan.
Hire-experts, les estoy muy agradecido por toda su invalorable ayuda brindada a mi persona y a mi red social, gran parte de mi éxito se lo debo a ustedes y al enorme trabajo que realizan creando nuevos “plugins” y aplicaciones para la plataforma de SE.
Por lo que gustosamente les recomiendo los Servicios y todos los “plugins” de Hire-Experts.
Agradeciendo sus atenciones, quedo a sus órdenes, Juan A. Hurtado.
Juan A. Hurtado
Fundador y Director General, www.rumbeasinparar.com
I'm a very satisfied and pleased from the work and skills of this company, all their plugin are very well coded and feature rich, and for this reason i've already purchased most of their plugins.

I've started to work with them a few years ago, and until now i have no complains, only compliments!

"The more plugins you purchase, the more money you save!" - They offer a permanent "Discount Price" for users who purchase their plugins, this way you can purchase their products in 20%-50% discounts.

Anytime i have a question, problem, customization request, i contact their support team, and got replay within a few hours.

Most of their plugins support RTL, and for plugins that doesn't fully support RTL yet - they offered a free customizations!

If you wish to boost your site features, you MUST try any of their products!

I have no problem recommending this company to anyone, and i'm looking forward to do more business with them in the future.

One of the best developers!
Owner, MyClick.co.il
Professionalism, quality products, excellent support service, and last but not least, good people - Hire-Experts team.
Highly recommend them.
Ioannis Papadopoulos
Owner, Evinoria.com
Hi I'm part owner of www.Reeamz.com and I just wanted to say how happy I was with plugins and service provided by. HIre-Experts. All my requests was very professionally handled, they even want as far changed style for 1 of the free plugins I used. I have spent over $300 with this company and I'm very happy with it all. If you need team of professionals look no farther. Thanks Guys and looking forward to new stuff from you. Breeze www.Reeamz.com
Breeze Sparks
Founder/Owner of the site Reeamz.com
Благодарим Hire-Experts за качественные модули, профессионализм в своем деле и внимательное отношение к клиентам.

Благодаря вашим модулям наша компания получила современный функциональный сайт, с массой функциональных возможностей.

В результате использования модулей Hire-Experts наша компания вышла на новый высокий уровень работы и общения с аудиторией, значительно увеличила клиентскую базу и получила конкурентное преимущество перед другими компаниями в нашей сфере.
Белов Игорь Петрович
Руководитель проекта Открытого клуба Оренбуржцев
We cooperate with the Hire-Experts company quite long time. We well-aware of all companies in this market and offered conditions and production, but our project and my partners after long searches of the best offers and long cooperation and use of production of other companies decided to stop finally on cooperation with Hire-Experts as this particular company objectively is the best in the sphere of development of plugins and features for social networks.
These guys can be proud of the work they do because they reached really high level equally in development and the technical service is simply perfect as well, having started working gradually with their Help-Desk we found in a result common language and adjusted very constructive and very effective cooperation. We had no great expectation starting working with them frankly, but the way these guys treat their customers deserves praise. Professionals in work. Listen, don't doubt long. You want to adjust the project – hire experts for this purpose.
Jully Loxon
Administrator of project www.friendssea.com
Wonderful implementation of functionality in each particular product that sets another level in SE market. Hire-Experts is great and always eager to help. Their team making a lot of effort for meeting halfway the needs of their customers.
It worth to note their professionalism and superb support. Hire-Experts is also best for regular and free updates. I’m really pleased to see new features exercised on basis of my remarks and observation.
Their willingness to listen to site owners and factor in their suggestions and feedback into the product development plans for the plugins/extensions admires me.
We plan to continue doing business with HE-Experts long term. More than regular development company, almost reliable partner.
Francisco García,
Owner of http://www.terapeuta.es
I recently purchased 3 plugins from Hire-Experts (Wall, Timeline and Touch-mobile). I highly recommend Hire-Experts plugins and their service to all creators. I received lots of offers very quickly. I am already in the process of buying other plugins from them. Thank you so much for great job
Trieu Thanh Tuan,
Founder of Vietnam aquaculture Network community
Hire-Experts and Eldar especially were very responsive to our coding needs and timelines. And we found their grasp of the English language to be better than coders we considered in India, making communication that much easier.
Anthony J Martino
President of PokerNations LLC
Hire Experts has been a huge asset to our web development team. Our knowledge on social networking software was limited. With their help, we were able to launch a customized portal that ended up costing thousands less than the other bids we received.

They're quality of work is outstanding. We've always received prompt and professional replies to all of our questions. We're very impressed and highly recommend them.
Eric Hazen
Chair & Co-Founder, USA Coverage LLC
Hire-Expert's Products are just magnificent. My site is a community site with more than 14000 members. They just love the plugins from HE. The wall gives the same experience as the FB Wall and also the new plugin Pages & Fans Plugin.
The support is excellent. Once, it was a bit slow but this was because of some uprising in the country. Overall, I would give 5 out of 5 stars for them. In fact, as my confidence is high for them, I just put credits in my HE account (to take advantage of the discount) as I am very sure that I would purchase more of their plugins & services. Job well done guys!! Thanks!
Henri Soemartono
Admin, PencerahanHati.com
I just would like to take this moment to personally offer my gratitude of thanks for the amazing social engine products your company has produced and for the exceptional support. I have never been so impress with a third party developer such as yourselfs. You truly far exceed those others.

And as long as you guys continue to produce and support the SE 3 platform, I will continue to purchase and support your efforts.

Dedicated and satisfied customer.
Perry Lum
President of Centurion Multimedia Inc
Great job, very skilled in the art of programming in PHP, Smarty, etc. Everything I asked of them they were able to do. Despite some mistakes here and there, which I believe may be caused due to language barrier or just simple misunderstanding, they are BY FAR the best company/freelancers I have worked with and I will continue to give them plenty of work as the weeks, months, and hopefully years go by.

Keep up the great work!
Jason Babo
Owner, Ensidia
They were very professional and proficient in doing the work I needed on my website done. I will definitely use them in the future to do improvements on my website.
Mario McKenzie
Bavolar, L.L.C
Thank you...for filling my needs at an affordable rate. Your plan is just what I was looking for, a great framework within which I can customize and create a tailored social network site that fits my goals. I have looked for some time trying to find a good source like Hire-Experts as Social Engine script expert and haven't had much success. Now I am happy to have you to assist me for all my new development and enhance my site DeshiHut.com. I am looking forward for long time relation with your company.
Shaun Chowdhury
Owner, DeshiHut.com
I have used Hire-Experts.com many times now for the setup of our Social Engine Site. Not only have I bought a bunch of their plugins, but they have custom designed many of our plugins and mods for our site. They have great communication, great pricing and do fast work! And if I ever run into a problem and need support, they are right on it! I would certainly recommend Hire-Experts.com for any modification work for your website without hesitation.
Jay Chapin
Administrator, DragonukConnects.com
I am super impressed with these guys so far. Their work has been professional and timely. I would definitely recommend them for a SE project. In fact I have a long list of work I want them to do for our SE website. I give them 5 stars.
The only slightest issue is the time difference. They are completely opposite US time which can delay things a little but not enough so I wouldn't hire them.

Thank you Hire-experts!!!!!
Julia Tompson
Owner, Iparte.com
Eldar and the whole Hire-Experts team has been great to work with. When it comes to the Social Engine platform I don't think anyone is better. They are quick to get things done, and have completed everything from plugin installation, debugging ,and customization to domain porting and logo rebranding for us we speed and effectiveness. They are great to work with and we surely plan to continue sending them our business.
Thanks, Elite Design Corporation.
Frank Bagnato
President at Elite Design Corporation
I have worked with Hire Experts for the last 6 months implementing over a dozen customizations to my site. The response to my questions is lightning fast, estimates of hours are reasonable and the results are always close to 100% of my specification. I will continue to use Hire-Experts as my technical staff and highly recommend them to anyone in need of Social Engine customization.
Roger Detzler
Owner, Moresomes.net
You have provided very thorough support. As a client, having excellent service is equally as important as having quality plugins. Your team has been excellent in both accounts.

Best Regards,
Steve Robel
До того, как я начал работать над своим новым проектом "Портал вокалистов" я побывал искать программистов на разных сайтах фрилансеров, чем дальше заходило с ними сотрудничество тем больше разочарование оно мне приносило. Когда узнал о том, что есть такая компания как "Hire Experts", которая разрабатывает для SocialEngine хорошие и качественные плагины, я решил обратиться к ним. За период работы в 2 месяца я получил то, что я именно хотел изначально, ребята разработали мне сложный технический плагин для моего проекта и именно в том виде, который мне был нужен и на очень высоком уровне и с хорошим качеством. Спасибо вам огромное, за ваш труд и за вашу работу, я очень рад, что начал сотрудничать с вами по моему проекту, я уверен, что это только начало нашего сотрудничества.
Александр Чурбанов
Администратор, Вокалист.su
We have used Hire-experts to assist us in a project using social engine. They are very professional, helpful and have a great knowledge of php and mysql. I have no hesitation in recommending them.
Jonathon Burton
Webteam, Berkshire Healthcare NHS
Thank you to hire-experts for responding to my support tickets in a timely manner AND making certain that all of the mods that I have purchased are working properly.
Letitia Jarvis
Owner, LionsDenLifeStyle.com
Hire-Experts has an amazing crew of designers and developers that makes sure the clients are 110% satisfied with every modification. To come across a group of individuals who are understanding, intelligent, and respectful is very rare in the business world. Each staff member will treat you with the best respect and service possible. Hire-Experts has been a key secret to much of our future success. We have and always will work with these outstanding individuals. Over a short period of time between Hire-Experts and College Roar, LLC we have developed a loving family relationship in the business world that will flourish even more years down the road. Choosing Hire-Experts for your development needs will never be a mistake.
William Christopher Cooley
Owner, CollegeRoar.com
We offer total solutions to clients spread all over the world. Our solutions are tailor made for both individuals and companies and we offer direct remedies and solutions by way of our strict adherence to quality, enterprise, innovation and customer perceptions. Our clients:

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